about me

My name is Alexander Kunert and I am a seventeen-year-old student. I have a talent: swimming.

Swimming is my passion. Since 2000, when I was 4 years old and watched the Olympic Games in Sydney, I dream of nothing else than swimming and being part of the Olympic Swimming Team flying to Rio in 2016. Last year, I made it into the german youth team training at the olympic base in Berlin and thus moved to Berlin with my familiy.

Now, practising for 9 years, I am working hard to reach my goal: I get up at 5am, practice for 2 hours, go to school, practice again for 3 hours, get back home at 8pm, do my homework, talk to my parents about my training and go to bed at 10pm.

My parents and my sisters are my greatest fans and I am very thankful for all their love and support. I would not be here swimming on this high level without them.

Having a height of 1,96 meters and a wingspan of 2,05 meters enables me to enlarge my performance with each competition. I want to improve to the German Record of 1986 “Albatross” Michael Groß of 1:56,24 minutes in 200 meters Butterfly . My passion for swimming and my results brought me so far that I am trained by Gerd Esser who had trained Franziska van Almsick.

Swimming is my passion. Swimming is for me the greatest,most fantastic and most stunning sport ever. One needs to be gifted, disciplined, hard-working, always on time and have staying power. Referring to training schedule, swimming is harder than playing soccer. Moreover, nobody faults you and the risk of injury is much inferior. Swimming is a fair sport: it is about you and your performance and not the way you are swimming. I object alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Only straight sport wins.

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